By absorbing the style of Slam Poetry this explores the ambiguity felt by young people who see themselves on the edge of society and somewhat asynchronous with it - and yet they are not without hope: their vigour is inescapable!

Celebrating our marriage. The children liked to dance to this.


like a condor

majestic splendour

breathing stillness

resting on the calm of a breeze

in the solitude of altitude

destination beckons gently

in fulfilment of being


Upbeat! Best heard through headphones. A live performance would be even better...

Represented by a flute and an oboe conversing over a bed of piano and strings.

A butterfly and swallows wafting over swaying fields bathed in sunshine. Les plaisirs de l’été !

Millions of people in the world lack enough food. Hear their cry. Perhaps consider a ‘hunger lunch’, a very basic meal, every once in a while, and give away the money you save to help feed others.

Infectious rhythm with piano, saxophone, drums and hand clap - see if you can time yours...!

Piano Ensemble

Three Miniatures

To help you keep your chin up and smiling through hard times.

Yuletide Fireside

Merry Christmas!