Norway, you are not alone : ‘Solidarity’

Let us stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Norway as we all struggle to come to terms with what some Norwegians have described as the worst tragedy to befall their country since World War II.

It is particularly agonising that the people targeted by the man, who shall not gain named notoriety here, are young people committed to improving their country through dialogue and discussion, active engagement in politics, a healthy optimistic attitude to life. It is not surprising to hear that members of Norway’s government spent the summers of their youth on the idyllic island retreat of Utoeya, out in the middle of the lake.

As we listen to this music let us share the defiance of the Norwegian people determined that the values we and Norway stand for will not be compromised. We stand in solidarity: Norway, you are not alone.

Mr vT   (24 July 2011)

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