Ribbons (for the people of Syria)

Reds and purples blues greens and

yellows orange pinks violets

Ribbons bathing in our

our one one wind

Blowing billowing wind

Pressed against th’azure sky

Stretched unfurled into life

Ribbons dancing together

Each alone and together

Ribbons bathing in our

our one one wind.

Can you hear the wind?

Are you one with the wind?

Will you follow the wind?

Colours show you the way

Ribbons show you the way

They are one with the wind

Faithful ribbons

All our colours!

We remember all our friends,

how they died breaking free.

Agonising for us all

watching how they offered peace

and were shot down

Resolutely holding

holding hands and ribbons,


Reds and purples blues and greens

yellows orange blues and pinks

Ribbons bathing in our wind

Blowing blowing billowing.

He blows where he wills

Prophets all united

Calling calling with the wind

Calling calling with the wind.

Listen can you hear the call?

Listen can you hear the call?

Ribbons showing us the way

where the wind is reaching

Come and join the clarion call

Colours blazing forwards.

Don’t forget our friends who went

on the path before us

Clinging to our ribbons

Dying with our ribbons.

Follow where the wind blows

Face the tyrants with their arms

Cowardice is not for us

we can show the better way

falling holding flowers

falling holding ribbons

standing holding ribbons.


holding hands

and ribbons